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2019 Mission Awards

2019 Winners

Family Spirit’s team is its best asset.  Our dedicated staff and compassionate carers combine to help us to create ‘the family spirit’ for vulnerable children and young people.  Recently we celebrated our staff with the presentation of our inaugural Staff Mission Awards.  Below are the winners for 2019.

Mission Award for Solidarity - Caitlin Rozairo

Caitlin's colleagues describe her as:

‘a great team leader who is helpful in all aspects’

‘Caitlin goes above and beyond and is passionate about social justice/action’

‘Always ensures the best interests of the children are taken to account’

Caitlin was selected for the Solidarity Award because of her hard work in supporting her team and the broader Family Spirit team. Caitlin is never afraid to step up and help others, especially as it relates to supporting the best interests of children. She shows solidarity with her colleagues, birth families and our carers at every turn. When in crisis, Caitlin is truly someone you want on your team as she is a real team player. We are so pleased to see Caitlin’s solidarity celebrated by her receipt of this Award.

Mission Award for the Family Spirit - Marina Djordjevic

This award celebrates supporting acceptance, belonging and care for children and families.  Marina’s colleagues stated that:

“Marina is a team player and strives to improve the way we do things. Since joinig the RTA team she has had a focus on learning all she can about her role. She has initiated a number of activities to improve her work and ensure that the RTA work is integrated with other teams to deliver the best outcomes without compromising our standards. These include the weekly huddle, co-design of a new carer supervision tool and a tool to improve our annual carer reviews.”

By supporting our foster carers particularly, Marina helps support the creation of suitable environments for children to thrive. Marina’s dedication and passion for her work are appreciated and celebrated by her colleagues and the organisation.

Mission Award for the Common Good - Harold Phelps

Harry’s colleagues describe him as:

“Harry is an amazing contact worker who is always going out of his way to support children/ YP and providing feedback to appropriate staff. Harry goes above and beyond his duties and ensures that all  his clients are taken care of and safe. Harry is a great character to have in the office and always considerate of others & enthusiastic about his role. Harry is a great asset to have at Family Spirit.”

Harry was selected for this Award because he puts the wellbeing of others first both with our children and families, and within our team. He promotes good outcomes for all by being supportive to clients - assisting children to be safe and well cared for and being a supportive and enthusiastic colleague. He truly adds great value to our team and creates a better, happier environment for everyone he interacts with.

Mission Award for Human Dignity - Taylor Wardan

Taylor’s colleagues describe her as:

“Taylor demonstrates great care and respect in the work she does. Taylor thinks outside of the box and will help the team with anything that needs to be done in the best interests of the CYP.”

“Taylor is highly dedicated to her work and takes time out to help others.”

Taylor was selected for the Human Dignity Award  because of her child-centred practice, her respectful manner, and the way she upholds the dignity of her families in the work that she does. Further, her commitment to teamwork and helping others demonstrates great care for her colleagues. Taylor is an emerging leader with creates a positive impact for those she encounters on a daily basis.