Adoption Services

Local Domestic Adoptions in NSW

We are an accredited adoption service provider in NSW. We support parents in NSW who are voluntarily considering adoption, prospective adoptive parents and adopted children and their families.

We also support carers to provide long-term care for children who are not able to live with their birth families and for some of these children, adoption by a carer may be an option.

As an accredited adoptions agency, we are able to provide dual authorisation where foster carers can be assessed, trained and authorised at the same time to become both foster carers and adoptive parents.


Parents considering adoption for their birth child

If you are considering adoption for your child, our professional team can sensitively guide you through every aspect of the decision-making process.


Adopting a child through local adoption

If you are considering growing your family through adoption, Family Spirit will provide you with support and guidance through the process of adopting a child in NSW.

Foster care to adoption

If you are fostering or caring for a child or young person, adoption could be the next positive step in their journey towards a brighter future.


Post adoption support and accessing adoption records

If you are look for post-adoption support for you, your child or your family for adoptions facilitated by Family Spirit and previously by CatholicCare and Centacare we offer a range of services.

If you are looking to access your adoption records or former Catholic Children’s Homes records, we can assist and support you through this process.

Family Spirit acknowledges that within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities adoption is not considered suitable. However, the Adoption Act 2000 allows for the Adoption of Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander Children and Young people where it has been proven to be in their best interest. Family Spirit is committed to adhering to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child and Young Person Placement Principles and the identification and preservation of a child’s name, identity, language and cultural ties when exploring the suitability of adoption. Family Spirit also acknowledges the importance and significance of cultural consultation and collaboration with the child or young person, family and community throughout this process.

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