Mission & Impact

Family Spirit means acceptance, belonging and care for everyone.

Our wish is for all children and young people to experience the unconditional care and support that comes from a strong family unit.



Our vision is to be the leading provider of trauma-informed, child-led and family focused services to clients in statutory care, at risk of entering, or who have exited care.



Our mission is to support children, young people and adults in statutory care, at risk of entering, or who have exited care.



We follow in the footsteps of Christ and come together as a Catholic community, in partnership with our valued stakeholders, to promote the following principles:

  • The Family Spirit – We undertake to build community, belonging, and promote the family spirit for all. We believe in the innate goodness of everyone and foster acceptance and unconditional care of families, children and young people in need. We aim to support those in need and their cultural, religious or other beliefs and needs with respect and dignity.
  • Human Dignity – We believe everyone is created in the image of God. As such, we treat everyone with love, respect, compassion, and the utmost care and safety.
  • Participation – We aim to ensure the child’s voice and view is taken into consideration by putting the best interests of the child at the core of all decision making and practice. We value the views and needs of our families and carers and aim to ensure that these are heard and understood in the work that we do.
  • Solidarity – We walk alongside children and families, helping them through their challenges.
  • Common Good – We encourage networks of support for each and every child, building and strengthening the families and communities that support these children and promoting them to grow into active participants of the community as adults.

Our Services

Our services include Intensive Family Support to help families stay together, foster care, guardianship and adoption. We also support young people on their journey to adulthood to support them in their transition from care to living independently.

Becoming a Carer

Children who do not have a safe and stable person to depend on in their lives often struggle with managing emotions, learning at school and forming close friendships. Foster carers can change the course of a child’s life by offering safety, care and guidance towards a brighter future.