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Every child deserves the family spirit

Everything we do follows the mission of contributing to living environments which promote stable, nurturing, happy and healthy lives for children and young people.

Our first and foremost goal is their safety; however we also desire for every child to experience the “family spirit” – a place where they belong, are cared for, and accepted for who they are.


More than a place to live

Every child deserves a safe home—a place where they feel secure, sheltered and protected.

More than that, a home should be somewhere children and young people can thrive.

That’s why we work closely with families to ensure children can live in warm, stable environments. Not just to keep them physically safe but to provide a nurturing, caring home where they can feel comfortable just being themselves.


Feeling the love

You could call it the ‘family spirit’: a sense of belonging and connection children feel when living with people who listen, guide and support. A reassuring place where kids feel truly ‘seen’.


Sowing seeds for the future

While a loving home can give young people the confidence to dream, knowing how to reach their goals is something else.

With Family Spirit’s support, young people can learn to plan ahead, gain skills and make good decisions.

And that sets them on a path towards independent, happy and successful lives.


Supporting individuals previously in care

If you were previously in foster care or were adopted through the Catholic Welfare Bureau, CentaCare or CatholicCare, we can help you access your birth records.

Keen to talk more? Get in touch or call our team on 13 18 19 to find the answers you’re looking for.




Every family deserves acknowledgement and respect. Even during the rocky patches, it is a priority to keep families together.

However, during particularly stressful, difficult times, it may not be in a child’s best interest to stay with their birth family.

In those situations, a carer or guardian can step in. They provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for a young person who has experienced challenges and trauma in their family life.

Adoptive Parents

Whether you are starting a family or growing one, adoption is a beautiful way to give a child a loving home.

If you’re thinking about adopting a child or a young person, there are many options to consider, depending on what’s best for your family.

Family Spirit adoption experts can guide you through every aspect of the (sometimes bumpy) experience, helping you give a child the life they deserve.