Post Adoption Support & Accessing Adoption Records

Post Adoption Support and Accessing Adoption Records

Supporting openness in adoption

Family Spirit Adoption Services (FSAS) recognises adoption is a lifelong journey and provides post-adoption support to adopted children, their adoptive families and birth families for those adoptions facilitated by Family Spirit and previously by CatholicCare and Centacare. Assistance is provided as requested on the basis of individual need and supports openness in adoption.

Post adoption support

Family Spirit provides support in accessing adoption records along with mediation and outreach for those wanting help with locating and connecting with family members. These services are provided in accordance with the Adoption Act 2000 and Adoption Regulations 2015.

Accessing adoption records

Family Spirit holds records related to many of the former Catholic Children’s Homes. Family Spirit recognises the rights of previous residents or their relatives of these homes to access records about themselves or their family. Family Spirit acknowledges that having access to this information can play an important role in people’s understanding of their or their family’s life story and identity.

How we help

  • Specialised counselling to address issues such as grief, loss, identity, trauma and relationships, either in person or by phone
  • Information on finding out about an adoption and accessing adoption records
  • Searching for an adopted person, parent or sibling
  • Supporting reunification and providing an intermediary service for anyone who needs support or assistance to contact birth relatives
  • Assisting you to find the most appropriate support services for you and your child
Post Adoption Support and Accessing Adoption Records
Post Adoption Support and Accessing Adoption Records

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