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Strategic Plan

Family Spirit’s inaugural Strategic Plan will guide the beginning chapters of Family Spirit’s mission to enable permanency and wellbeing for children and young people in NSW.

Strategic Priorities

Strengthen our service delivery to align to the PermanencySupport Program
• Articulate our program model(s)
• Deliver these model(s)
• Collect evidence on the efficacy and refine our models
Develop our workforce
• Recruit a diverse team
• Invest in the development of our staff
• Implement strategies to retain our staff
Recruit and retain foster carers who are aligned to the new permanency Support Program model
• Build a compelling offer
• Targeted marketing campaigns
• Care for our carers by becoming an agency of choice

Build collaboration within the sector
• Develop partnerships that complement service needs
• Develop strong partnerships with other Catholic providers
Build the identity of our agency
• Develop mechanisms to grow awareness
• Communicate with the community about Family Spirit
Strengthen our financial position
• Grow and retain government revenue
• Grow new non-government revenue sources
• Build efficiencies that reduce costs

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