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Foster Care – Sharing the Joy!

Can You Picture Yourself Being a Foster Carer?

The rewards of being a foster carer are many and varied.  Family Spirit carers tell us that being a carer is a joyous and fulfilling experience and say that one of their greatest joys is being able to play a part in the achievements of the children in their care.

Family Spirit is currently seeking safe, permanent and loving homes for three young men.  Below are their stories.

Joshua’s Story

Fourteen year old Joshua* is unable to live with his birth family.  He enjoys playing basketball, cooking and had a very successful 2019 at school.  Family Spirit is looking for a forever home for Joshua.  Someone who has the time to help him stay connected with his family and support his ongoing education and sporting interests.

Joey’s Story

Joey* needs a place to call home.  This 11 year old is proud and passionate about his Aboriginal culture and is engaged with a range of youth and cultural services, is a talented sportsman and loves to make people laugh. Joey needs an understanding carer who can provide a structured and stable environment as well as ensure he maintains a strong connection to his family.

Henry’s Story

Henry* is an 11 year old who is in need of a caring and supportive home.  Henry excels at sport and is the 2020 sports captain at his school.  He would benefit from the support of a carer who can provide a stable, structured environment that will help him develop into a bright young man.

If you are would like to find out more about becoming a foster carer call us in 13 18 19 or click here to register to come to our next information session.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy