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Our Stories

Hear from our carers, case workers and children.


Can you help Stephen and Sophie?

As we approach the Easter holiday weekend most of us will be looking forward to spending time with friends and family. But this may not be the case for many vulnerable children and young people in Sydney. Children just like Stephen and Sophie, who are in need of safe and secure homes.

Kate - Respite Carer

It's all about the Children!

Kate is a retired Catholic primary school teacher and a foster carer. She became aware of the great need for carers when she attended a Family Spirit information session in the second half of last year, and by January 2020 she was providing respite care for teenage sisters.

Dave is an IT Trainer and a Foster Carer

Dave is an IT Trainer and foster carer

Dave, who lives in the north-western suburbs of Sydney, is a self employed IT Trainer and a long-term foster carer.

Foster care

Foster Care - Sharing the Joy!

The rewards of being a foster carer are many and varied.  Family Spirit carers tell us that being a carer is a joyous and fulfilling experience and say that one of their greatest joys is being able to play a part in the achievements of the children in their care.

Cathy and Steve 2

What are the rewards of foster caring?

Steve and Cathy have been carers for 14 years.  They have four children in their care and have many great stories about the rewards of being foster carers.

David 1

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a foster carer?

David is an experienced carer who believes that children in care simply need what all children need - love!

Sue and Keria 2

What type of carer are you?

Sue and Keira are long term carers who tell us that being foster carers is a joyous, fulfilling experience.

Les and Cathy2

Why did you become foster carers?

Les and Cathy are short term carers who tell us that foster caring is busy and emotional but is also very fulfilling and one of the best jobs in the world!

Angelo 1

Angelo's Story

Angelo has fond memories of his time in care and tells us that all a foster child really wants is to belong, to feel part of the family.

Our Stories

2019 Mission Awards

Recently we celebrated our staff with by presenting our inaugural Staff Mission Awards.  Find out who our winners were.


In the spirit of welcome | Family Spirit’s launch event 19 July 2018

Held at the beautiful Maritime Museum, more than 100 people gathered to celebrate the launch of Sydney’s newest agency in the foster care, adoption and guardianship sector.


Offering a loving home when they need it the most...

Over Marisa’s 20 years of caring, she has learnt a valuable philosophy that she’s passed onto her own children and that has helped them through life – to love in the moment.


The Rimoldi family have served tirelessly as foster parents for forty five years, lovingly raising 89 children

Eighty-nine is not enough. The Rimoldi family have served tirelessly as foster parents for forty five years, lovingly raising 89 children.


Foster to adoption | When clear vision follows a long road with a happy ending

The Latos family waited patiently for 10 years in the adoption process when they decided to try foster care which led them to their beautiful baby girl.

What’s involved in becoming a carer?

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Read our stories

Hear from carers, case workers and children