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Support and Training for Carers

We support Sydney foster carers in their efforts to help children in their care to grow and thrive.

We know that parenting of any kind can be stressful so we offer support to foster carers through a broad variety of resources.

Support can include:

Initial training – We provide group training in the company of other prospective carers to develop the skills required to care for a child coming into care.

Monthly visits – Our Therapeutic Case Managers will visit you on a monthly basis to discuss how you and your child are going and to help out with strategies to assist you to connect as a family.

Financial assistance – We can help with some expenses and we can pay for some of the support your child may need with regard to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

On call support – We have a caseworker on call 24 hours a day, should you need advice or support. Our foster carers also have access to the Parent Line NSW telephone counselling and support service (1300 1300 52) which also provides 7-day-a-week, immediate access to a counsellor to help you with parenting issues. You can view their website here.

Ongoing parent education – A parent education team run parenting courses all across Sydney, including Circle of Security and Emotion Coaching. These courses can help you feel better equipped to meet the everyday challenges of caring for a child.

Weekend respite – Our team of respite carers can step in to take care of a child so long-term carers can have the option to take a break.