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We want to hear from you

All compliments, feedback and complaints relating to our work and employees are treated respectfully and used to improve and evolve our service. You can lodge your feedback by calling 13 18 19, emailing or filling in the form below.

Your right to complain

Family Spirit believes in continuous quality improvement. If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received or think that you have been treated unfairly you have the right to make a complaint.

You will not be discriminated against or treated any differently for making a complaint. Family Spirit aims to ensure you are always treated respectfully, courteously and sensitively.

OR if you’d like to give us a compliment or provide other feedback we are happy to receive this information as well.

Providing feedback or making a complaint

If you have feedback or a complaint you should explain as clearly as possible:

  • What the concern is, including enough information to provide a clear picture
  • What your desired outcome is as a result

This will allow us to assess the information and determine the appropriate response.

You can provide feedback or make a complaint in the following ways:

  • In person
  • Over the phone by calling 13 18 19
  • Via email
  • By mail to: Family Spirit, Level 3, 2 Meredith Street, Bankstown NSW 2200
  • You can also ask someone else to provide feedback or make a complaint on your behalf.
  • Or you can provide your feedback here on our website.
What is a complaint?

A complaint is usually an expression of dissatisfaction or concern.

Every child and young person has a right to feel safe and secure. If you are not happy or feel upset or frightened about something that has happened, or is happening, you have a right to talk to someone about it.

There may be times where you want to give feedback about your experience. Feedback can be positive and talk to a good experience, or they can be improvement ideas that help us work with child and young people in the future.

Give feedback or lodge a complaint with Family Spirit

What will we do on receipt of your complaint?
  1. We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your complaint, to discuss your desired outcome and how your complaint will be processed.
  2. If you wish, we will schedule a time to meet with you, and a support person, carer, advocate and/or interpreter.
  3. We will keep you informed as to the progress of your complaint.

Give feedback or lodge a complaint with Family Spirit

Tips for lodging a complaint
    1. Sometimes making a complaint can seen scary. You might be worried that you are doing the wrong thing, or that someone might get in trouble. What you should remember is that you have a right to complaint, and you have a right to feel safe, secure and happy. If something is making you unhappy, it is important to talk about it.

Here are some tips that can help you when making a complaint:

Plan what you are wanting to say.

      • It can help to write down what you are unhappy with, when it happened, who was involved, and why it made you unhappy.

What would you like to see happen?

      • When you lodge a complaint you will be asked what would make you happy. This is your change to talk to changes you would like to see.
      • How would you like to be contacted in the future.
      • If your complaint requires further investigation, who would you prefer investigates the complaint.

Be brave

      • What you are saying is important. If you need to take time to share your concerns make sure you share that.
      • You can always have a support person with you.
      • If you can, make time to speak to a trusted person about your concerns.

Always ask questions

      • Once you have shared your story, ask what happens next.

Give feedback or lodge a complaint with Family Spirit

Making your complaint to external regulatory or advocacy agencies directly

You may also make your complaint to an independent agency directly.

Ombudsman’s Office (NSW)

Address: Level 24, 580 George Street Sydney 2000
PHONE: 1800 451 524
SPEAK & LISTEN: 1300 555 727

People with Disability Australia

Address: Level 8, 418A Elizabeth Street Surry Hills NSW 2010
PHONE: (02) 9370 3100 Toll-Free: 1800 422 015
TTY: (02) 9318 2138 TTY Toll Free: 1800 422 016

Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

Address: Level 7, 10 Valentine Avenue Parramatta NSW 2150
PHONE: (02) 9268 5544 Free CALL: 1800 670 812 (STD)

NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

Address: Level 6, 86-90 Goulburn Street Sydney 2000
PHONE: 1300 006 228

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Feedback and Complaints

Call our team 9am to 5pm weekdays on 13 18 19
(In an emergency please call 000)

Family Spirit Ltd, Suite 301, 2-14 Meredith Street, Bankstown NSW 2200

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