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Can I be a foster carer?

Our foster carers come from many different cultural backgrounds, speak many different languages and have very different family circumstances. The diversity of families is important to help us place children in a home that will match their particular needs.

We ask that carers fulfil certain criteria which we assess on an individual case-by-case basis. Our Frequently Asked Questions will help you decide if you could become a foster carer.

Can I foster if I’m single?

Yes, we welcome applications from people who are single as well as couples in stable relationships. We will help you explore your network of family and friends to support you.

Can I work and become a foster carer?

Yes, we understand that people may need to work alongside caring for a child. Talk to us about this and we can help you to consider what kinds of care might be most appropriate for you.

Is my age suitable to foster a child?

Foster carers need to be 21 years and over to care for a child with Family Spirit.  We also encourage carers who are semi-retired and retired. The important factor is a consideration of your health and wellbeing.

Can I foster a child if I have my own children?

Yes you can. We ask that your youngest child is two years older than a foster child to ensure the needs of both children can be met.

What financial assistance is provided for foster carers?

Carers can access an allowance to cover some expenses and we can help cover services a child may need such as speech therapy or counselling.

What if I’m only available part of the year?

You could provide immediate care and then take a break before accepting another child. Alternatively, you could consider providing respite care during periods of time you are available.

What if I want to adopt a child that I foster?

In many cases this may be possible. As an accredited adoptions agency, we are able to train and authorise carers to become both foster carers and adoptive parents.

What else will I need?

We ask that foster carers are in good health, financially independent and have enough space at home to provide some privacy for a foster child.

Am I ineligible with a criminal record?

Not necessarily. If you are honest about the history, we may undertake a risk assessment depending on the type of conviction.