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Application process

Our staff are keen to speak with prospective carers and to provide you with information about fostering and adoption. We take a personal approach to the process of educating and assessing our prospective carers.

The first step is to call our CCareline team on 13 18 19. They are available 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. They can provide you with information about foster care and about the process involved in becoming a carer. During the call, we like to take the time to talk through your individual circumstances and the types of carers we are seeking.

To become a foster carer an assessment is required. We understand that not all situations are the same, so when making an assessment, our staff will review your suitability on an individual basis. The following criteria may help you assess your suitability to become a foster carer:

Age: We require applicants to be over 21

Residency: Applicants must hold Permanent Residency in Australia

Relationship status: We accept applications from single individuals; for couples, our emphasis is on the stability of the relationship

Employment: You may be employed full-time or part-time as long as you are able to provide adequate time to the child or young person

Living arrangements: You can be renting or own your own home

If you are interested in engaging in the process of becoming a carer, we will arrange a time convenient to you to visit you, answer any questions you may have and outline the training and assessment process that’s involved.

Training takes place with other prospective foster carers and it is designed to help you understand and manage the needs of children in foster care. Once the training is complete, our team will discuss the assessment process with you. This involves several interviews with all the significant members of the household. The assessment considers people’s ability to meet the needs of children in care who have experienced trauma, and who need a family environment which is stable and nurturing. Our staff engage in a transparent process with prospective carers and we take great care to consider people’s individual capacity to ensure the fostering experience matches what the carer has to offer.

Call CCareline on 13 18 19 to find out more.